Lift Up My Voice: Black History Writing Prompts for Kids

Lift Up My Voice: Black History Writing Prompts for Kids

Uplift young voices and inspire the next generation of change-makers with this empowering Black history writing prompt journal. Filled with engaging prompts, vocabulary builders, creative exercises, and historical spotlights, this book provides thoughtful opportunities for kids to explore, learn, and reflect on prominent stories and figures from Black history.

Inside this interactive journal, kids will:

  • Learn about important historical events and people through digestible spotlights. Topics include the Harlem Renaissance, the Tuskegee Airmen, civil rights leaders, and more.
  • Engage with the content through writing prompts that encourage critical thinking, personal reflection, and creativity. Prompts inspire kids to write speeches, letters, social media posts, and more from various perspectives.
  • Build their vocabulary with relevant words to know. Kids can incorporate these words into their writing for more powerful self-expression.
  • Try out different forms of writing and art, like poems, songs, interviews, and comics. These exercises bring history to life!
  • Gain an appreciation for Black stories and see how they can lift up their own voice for good.

Honor the past, engage young minds, and inspire future changemakers.

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