Be More Productive: A Courage To Earn Challenge

Full-time job, business, family, volunteer obligations---how does one do it all? With systems, planning, and yes, a shift in mindset, you can do more with the time you have.

In this 10 day challenge, you'll learn about and determine which productivity tools and actions will help you to make, earn, and do more both personally and professionally.

We'll start with a live meeting on January 5th (will also be recorded), and then you'll get 10 days of straight to your inbox (Or text. Your choice.) tasks that will overhaul your schedule and help you to get more done.

*If you just want the Productivity Challenge, make sure YES is selected in the drop-down box. Want to sign up for this and two other Courage To Earn Challenges (upcoming ones in Q1 of 2021 include LinkedIn, FB Growth and Engagement, and Content Explosion) for a discount? Select NO in the drop-down box.*

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USD 12.00 to 30.00


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