Courage to Earn More Group 2020 (January - December)

This intimate monthly themed community is made up of a small group of Courageous Earners want more targeted, intentional support with their business. Much more than just a group coaching program, Courage To Earn More participants receive personalized support from a coach who really gets to know tho they are.

In addition to that, they receive information from special experts, participate in master classes, and weekly hot seats, and more! This is perfect for folks who are looking for a way to jumpstart a new idea, rediscover their passion, or reach big goals. Think of it as mastermind where you give and receive!


Who should sign up?

A: People who have the time to spend working on building their business. It helps if you have a clear goal so that you are making progress each week.

Will I get one-on-one attention?

A: Yes! Group members are able to start a thread and get feedback on their challenge at any time. I will jump in as needed to provide my input. I work to make sure no question goes unanswered. You can always tag me if you absolutely want my opinion. If you want private one-on-one coaching, More group members get a discount.

What is your coaching style? Will you tell me what to do?

A: I will mostly help guide you to make your own discoveries. I find that when you are able to come to a conclusion on your own, it sticks a lot better!

Of course, there are times when you just need an answer and not coaching. I use my discernment to determine which approach to take.

Are there any rules in the group?

A: Yup. Be positive. Be open. Be honest. I’m not going to fight you. Do or don’t do, it’s your business. Just know that I’m not going to suggest anything without considering your specific business needs / goals. If you’re honest with me about your wants and needs, then I can provide better support.

Why do you always cry?

A: Because I am so honored that you trust me with your business. Because I’m so excited for you to grow. Because I’m a big old water head.

Other groups cost less than this? Why is this group $50/month?

A: You get individualized support in this group. Every single person who seeks it, gets it. There is a size limit on this group, I want to be able to serve you, not the world. If you do the work, the value of the benefits of the group are way more than the cost.

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